Dogpile's New Tricks

InfoSpace launched a new version of its Dogpile metasearch engine.

The new site, which is cleaner, more prominently highlights the fact that it delivers results from Google, Yahoo! and Ask Jeeves and also suggests ("Different Engines, Different Results") that it delivers more comprehensive information than these individual engines.

Metasearch, though it has obvious benefits, is a concept that has historically been somewhat obscure to users. The challenge for Dogpile is answering the "why" question — why should I as a consumer use it and not Google or Yahoo!, etc.? The new site makes a more direct and obvious effort than in the past to answer that question on its face.

Given all the metasearch happening in various verticals (e.g., travel, jobs, etc.) it may well be that the concept will have more traction with consumers going forward. It's certainly consistent with what I believe consumers want: more convenience and efficiency.

Here's an extensive review/write-up from Chris Sherman at SEW.

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