Google the Agency?

Over the weekend, Chris Gaither wrote an interesting and entertaining piece in the LA Times about the role of the Google Maximizers. These are the folks who help (mostly large) advertisers improve their campaigns and CTRs on Google.

At the SME end of the spectrum is Google's Jumpstart (beta) program, which hasn't really been promoted.

Taken together, among other things, it appears that Google has or is building the internal resources to be, effectively, an agency for both its large and, potentially, small advertisers.

As the company's graphical AdSense and other likely rich-media ad vehicles roll out, creative will become more a part of the Google advertising mix and balance the economical copywriting that drives most of the clicks on its network today.

This is also interesting: Google is seeking a creative director. Is this position exclusively to help generate and manage Google's external marketing efforts or to manage client campaigns on the Google network — or both?

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  1. anon

    The job sounds ideal. No management or budget responsibilities? It doesn't get any better than that.

    This job description shows how big and successful Google is. It sounds like they are doing the basic research that Bell Labs did when AT&T was the telephone company. Maybe this person will develop the transistor of the marketing world.

  2. D

    At the conclusion of the LA Times' article on Google text ads, a box of about 5 Google text ads appears (first text ad promotes Google): serendipity, ubiquity…

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