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Metro One – the wireless provider that touts flat fees and unlimited calling without the hassle of contracts or service plans – announced it would now be offering unlimited DA calls.

For $2.00 per month, Metro One subscribers can have unlimited DA calls in their local area. Instead of the direct-connect option, however, subscribers will have the listing they are seeking sent to their phone in the form of an SMS message.

I think this is a great option, since there are some times that I have re-dialed 411 for the same number because I was unable to write down the number while I was being direct connected. By having it messaged to me, I can avoid the hassle of re-dialing and getting hit with yet another $1.25 DA charge. Now if only I could get out of my long-term agreement with my current wireless service provider.

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  1. Greg

    Given the really really bad customer experience that characterizes much of DA, this is the way the industry will save itself vs increasingly good mobile and Internet-to-phone local search tools.

  2. Kathleen Pierz

    The carrier in this case is actually MetroPCS, not MetroOne the wholesale provider. MetroOne provides service direct to consumers through their INFONE offering at $0.89 per call. MetroPCS is the wireless carrier making this offer to their subscribers via 411 service.

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