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The Kelsey Group's overly simplistic model of the electronic world looks like this. Content can be information, advertising, video, etc.; the delivery of that content might be cable, DSL or wireless; and the device which is used for access could be a computer, a PDA or a cellphone, among others. It has been our view that this circle is only as strong as its weakest link and that always on, high-speed access is critical to the success of the electronic world.

The fact that a Hyatt in Virginia, a Holiday Inn in Durham and an Ameri-Suites at RDU airport all offered Internet access in the guest rooms is not a surprise. That the service was free and high speed did get my attention. What blew me away was that there were computers in their business centers that allowed me to use this service at no cost. (As an added bonus, my cellphone worked clearly in all three hotels.)

Being in Durham during an ACC basketball game is quite an experience. Everything everywhere was crowded. Using local search from the computer in the business — make that consumer — center allowed us to get around the crowds.

See for yourself how fast this industry is changing at The Kelsey Group's conference on Drilling Down on Local: The Online/Offline Opportunity, April 18-20, in Santa Clara, California.

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