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Small business Web host Affinity Internet recently launched a product called €œValueTraffic Deluxe,€ which is an upgraded version of its previously deployed, guaranteed clicks, €œValueTraffic€ product.

For a flat monthly fee of US$500, the service delivers a minimum of 250 clicks per month or 50,000 €œad views,€ which likely means simple impressions. In addition to search traffic, the package also includes Web site analysis and identification of additional, appropriate ad venues or target sites. Affinity says it will develop the ads and buy all the advertising for the client. As with other such products in the marketplace from Dex Media, BellSouth (which recently added Google as a premium buy to its search network) and Interland, set-up and campaign management are totally outsourced.

These are part of a growing list of simplified search products being offered to local businesses from many different companies. The growth of local search on the advertiser side depends in large part how rapidly these simplified products deploy in the small business marketplace. Inceptor€™s Mick Sack told The Kelsey Group that he sees a danger down the road of the market being over-saturated with such products. We€™ll see.

The ILM program will issue a White Paper early in the third quarter discussing the performance of these products, their acceptance and their outlook going forward.

Here€™s the Affinity press release with more detail.

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  1. One comment in this article refers to the possibility of the market becoming flooded.

    There was a time when there only were one yellow page company because of the patents, I believe it was Sprint, held on yellow pages until there patents expired. Then the market became flooded. That's 20 years!

    How do we know a patent that defines a true solution to local search has not recently been granted a "Notice of Allowance" by the USPTO?

    The patent office only shows patents applied for after 2001. Any applied for patent before 2001 is not available for public search at there web site.

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