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So I'm 20 years out of college this year (and 15 out of law school) and starting my mid-life crisis in earnest. That's why I glance wistfully at a host of applications and marketing initiatives directed at college students:

College students not only represent a market with disposable income, but they comprise the next generation of "life cycle" buyers (cars, homes, kids) who drive most of the transactions both online and off.

These efforts are not just about revenue, they're about brand, loyalty and future usage.

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  1. I probably would not trust this survey considering it was done online. I know that percentages are way different than that even at my school. those who do have a discritionary fund are working 20-35 hours a week on top of caring an average of 12 to 19 units which including studying comes out to 24 to 38 hours dedicated to school a week so we are putting in any where from 44 to 73 hours of work so that we might be able to communicate with our class mates about assignments and emailing our teacher so that we get assignment right. We also tend not to have time or money to spend 10 dallors on one movie ticket so we buy a twenty dallor movie that we can share with r friends at those 1 am study breaks. so before you go thinking that we have it easy think about it again.

  2. Where is this disposable income that you are talking about. 90% of the students i know are flat broke. Most of us have been cut off from mom and dad. after putting in for 40 hours of school we still have to have a partime job to put food in r months. on top of that 50% of student population is married with kids, nutin disposable in there.

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