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How did I miss this one? According to Netimperative:

The service is already available in Yahoo! Cars and will be introduced into Yahoo!€™s other e-commerce properties, Shopping and Travel following an initial introductory period beginning in early August on its shopping- comparison portal Kelkoo.

There are a couple of really interesting things here. This is more evidence of how quickly PPCall is ramping. (We just put together a UK/EU PPCall forecast.) The Kelkoo implementation (a comparison-shopping engine) is, in part, an attempt to "close the loop" and track offline transactions driven by the Internet. It also shows the way in which PPC and PPCall will live side by side in the near future.

This also suggests that Yahoo!, if it's successful with this product in the UK, will bring some version of PPCall (or PPC with call tracking) to the U.S.


I was informed by someone in the industry that NetImperative represented this as PPCall when it's actually call connection. The technology is similar but the business model is different. I will try and find out what the reality is.

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  1. Hi Greg,

    Following this post, here's something strage I saw today in Yahoo local US.

    See the orange "call" icon in the first sponsored link ("Bright Dental"):;_ylc=X3oDMTFlOTJlcmdtBF9TAzI3NjY2NzkEX3MDOTY2MTM3NjcEc2VjA2l5LWRkbG9jYWwEc2xrA21vcmU-?fr=dd-local-more&stx=dentist&csz=San+Francisco%2C+CA

    Apparently it's just an attractive icon to catch the eye. No actual voip calling implemented.

    Is it a new option provided by yahoo to toll-free number owners, or just a smart tweak this advertiser has done?

    the business profile page is also divided between yahoo's biz card and the business site. Strange:

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