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Google added a link to its "personalized home" in the upper right of its home page.

If you click on the link and are not signed in to Google, you'll see weather, quote of the day, word of the day and top news stories. The page encourages users to personalize the Google home page (and sign up for Gmail if you're not already) and opens a sidebar window that shows a range of news feeds, giving users the option to create a personalized feed.

A low-key bid to create more loyalty and add more "registered" users; Google is not aggressively pushing it by putting the link in the somewhat obscure upper right of the page.

In a June 2005 online survey (1,440 respondents), investment adviser ChangeWave found the following in asking €œwhat website do you use as your homepage at home?€:

  • Yahoo 29%
  • MSN 13%
  • My Internet Service Provider€™s Home Page 13%
  • Google 11%
  • AOL 6%

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  1. The most interesting part of the post I found to be the data on what peeople use as their "at home" home page. (See the MORE… addition to the original post)

    Is there a similar report showing what people use as their "at work" home page?

    Clearly, what drives people's search habits is where they start their day.

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