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There are simply too many things going on. Here are a few quick hits with some thoughtful remarks (hopefully) to come later:

  • MapQuest to Publish (Real) Books (taking online offline; they've got the brand to do it)
  • Yellow Pages Group Launches HelloYello Enhanced DA (automated, should be a big improvement on current, inept human operators. This is a real opportunity for directory publishers if the implementation is user-friendly and effective)
  • NY Times to Publish Free Weekly Classifieds Tabloid (free to readers, not advertisers apparently)
  • Vonage Will Hit 1M Subs by Year's End (VoIP has profound implications for directory publishers over time)
  • SBC-Yahoo! Reduce Price of DSL to $14.95 per Month (Broadband will be ubiquitious. This is a land grab. Makes me want to switch my service; I pay $61.90 with Comcast)
  • Newsweek Does TV, IPTV, Video Search (extensive converage)
  • Google Stock Inches toward $300 (Yikes! What about price to earnings?)


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  1. My understanding is that the NYT free classifieds will be free to readers, but will continue to charge advertisers. As their press release states: "Advertisers will have an expanded opportunity to reach even more potential customers." This is an attempt to bolster their readership to maintain classified ad fees, but it's too little too late.

  2. If he is paying all that money he must be making at least some profit. Sounds rather impossible anyway. How many visitors does this classified site receives?

    I guess it is best to use some software such as becanda for free classified submission. I used it with good results.


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