Katrina and One Company

It is not surprising that the Yellow Pages industry has stepped up to the plate to help their employees and their customers. Dan told me that, ironically, the White Pages for New Orleans are at the printer. He said, "I wish we could use them to help fill in the holes in the levy."

The Berry Co. and BellSouth are already working hard to find available options to assist their employees and the communities in which they live and serve the public.

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  1. neal

    The business challenge is how do you charge what amounts to $5 million a month for the New Orleans directory when it will be months before things are back to normal. Good thing there is the Internet since the printed books are probably quite soggy by now.

  2. Donna

    IYPs are also effected, by power outages.

  3. Mike

    Directnic, the domain registrar was based on New Orleans.

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