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The Kelsey Group is conducting an informal survey of industry professionals and those coming to ILM:05 to get a sense of how good you think "local search" (broadly defined) is today and what you believe the ideal local search product feature set should be. For example, does it need to include:

  • Dynamic mapping
  • Editorial content (such as news, expert reviews, €œhow-to€ articles or buying guides)
  • Local and major retailer information
  • Extensive user-generated content and community features
  • €œClick to call€
  • Comparison shopping engine
  • Personalization
  • General Web search

What's important in your mind; what's not? Take the survey here (answering the eight questions will take about five minutes, literally). We'll present the results before the "Building the Ideal Local Destination" panel on Day 2 of ILM:05.

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