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Ingenio added another distribution partner in Interchange's destination. is impressively fast and clean but needs to beef up its content to really be competitive over the long term. However, Interchange recognizes this and says it is working on the issue even as we speak.

Ingenio is busy building out its network to gain maximum exposure for advertisers and additional inventory. Apparently the company has some advertisers who are very, very pleased with the product and are hungry for more inventory.

Here's the joint press release. And this is interesting.

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  1. Today an Ingenio rep. told me Yahoo is currently testing Ingenio's pay-per-call on their local system.
    The rep. had to admit it to me when I pointed to an ad. and asked if I could bid that spot. He told me it is in test phase only.


  2. Saw that. Interesting. They've been working pretty hard on more distribution but have been mum about it.

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