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Here's a list of the top 20 U.S. Internet sites from comScore, nicely compiled with growth rates, courtesy of the Internet Stock Blog:

1. Yahoo!: 9%
2. Time Warner Network: 4%
3. MSN-Microsoft: 3%
4. Google: 32%
5. eBay: 15%
6. Amazon: 19%
7. Ask Jeeves: 11%
8. New York Times Digital: 247% (note: includes acquisition)
9. Viacom Online: 11%
10. Verizon Communications Corp.: 23%

11. Vendare Media: 0%
12.Walt Disney Internet Group: 7%
13. Expedia Inc: 60% (note: includes acquisition)
14. CNET Networks: 6%
15. United Online Inc: 139% (note: includes acquisition)
16 Weather Channel: 14%
17. Lycos Inc.: -14%
18. Monster Worldwide: -8%
19. 0%
20. Wal-Mart: 24%

What's striking here is Google's growth and The N.Y. Times' movement into the top 10. Also Myspace is flat, and Verizon has 23% growth (SuperPages role is unclear here — but according to TNS Media Intelligence, SuperPages is the No. 4 online advertising spender [non-search] at $6.7 million in September).

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  1. say what you will about superpages, but it hasn't been the juggernaut it was after marshall left. the site is becoming more and more difficult to use, the accuracy of its results are spotty at best, and it doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. look for and others to start making big gains at superpages expense.

  2. Superpages spent how much to advertise in September? $6.7 Million? Tell me that's a typo please. You have to wonder what they are thinking…or if anyone down there is thinking.

  3. It was a typo….the real number SuperPages spent is $6,761,000 according to TNS. I would like to see them explain the ROI to the NYC bosses, and to those of us who own stock. Maybe this was a last ditch effort to try and save the Yellow Pages business from being sold. What % of Verizon's 23% growth was Superpages?

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