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Here's a roundup of news:

  • Judy's Book grabs US$8 million in series B funding from Mobius Venture Capital, with contributions from Ignition Partners and Ackerley Partners.
  • Google 10Q facts (sliced and diced by PaidContent): "'AOL is responsible for roughly 10 percent of all [Google] revenue. That's down from 12 percent in 2004 but still real money — and a real reason to both to Keep AOL and keep it away from the competition." Also, International is almost 40 percent of Google revenues, up from 35 percent a year ago. Google-owned sites were responsible for 56 percent of revenues, while Google's partners (AdSense) contributed 43 percent.
  • Cingular is using InfoSpace's wireless platform for its new MEdia Net service, a personalized content portal. Billed as a "next generation mobile services platform," here's the release.
  • WAND Inc. announced the development of a new "local search taxonomy," consisting of roughly 750,000 terms.
  • I received a correction from Marc Hayes, founder of ContactAtOnce!, who wanted me to point out that the company offers "presence management" marking, using IM as one of many modalities. A skyscraper ad integrating their technology can be seen here (car dealer, scroll right).
  • According to measurement firm Hitwise, local search in the U.K. grew by 13 percent vs. last year. (which is behind Google Local in the U.K.) was the most popular local site, with a 64 percent market share. and each had 5 percent. According to Hitwise, Google Local search has not made a significant dent in the market, but its popularity is growing in part because of Google Maps integration.
  • According to SiliconBeat venture capital firm Greylock Partners invests more in local shopping aggregator Cairo, a competitor to ShopLocal (both will be at ILM:05).
  • The US$100 laptop is unveiled. I wrote about it here previously.

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