TiVo via iPod, Skype via RadioShack

TiVo announced TiVoToGo, a service that will put TV on iPods or Sony PSP devices. Also, Skype announced a deal with U.S. electronics retailer RadioShack to sell/distribute the broadband phone service in the chain's 3,000 U.S. stores. This is a smart move that will help raise awareness and demystify VoIP for many consumers.

Even though VoIP phone service depends on broadband, if the deals are good enough it might motivate dial-up users to get high-speed Internet to obtain the phone service.

Once consumers are satisfied that VoIP phone service is reliable and that the 911 problem is addressed, we're likely to see an exodus from traditional fixed-phone use (unless PSTN providers substantially lower prices to retain customers).

ILM recently issued an Advisory on VoIP and its implications for the marketplace. Non-clients can read the summary here.

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