Will 2006 Be a Breakout Year for Mobile?

Not for the "mainstream," but there will be growing momentum. Here are several mobile-related posts:

SiliconBeat on mobile couponing from Cellfire
John Battelle writes about mobile initiatives, specifically Medio, in a couple of recent posts
Here's Search Engine Journal on Google and Opera for mobile devices

Mobile is coming, but not this (2006) year. The pieces are still falling into place: network speeds, devices, databases. But they will fall into place. Then the question becomes: What is the business model to support it (fees, coupons, sponsorships, PPCall, PPClick or all of the above)? TBD.

Also, there's lots of interesting stuff going on with FreeDA now (e.g., inFreeDA, Jingle, 1-800-San-Diego and others)—but more on that later.

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