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FCC Green-Lights AT&T-BellSouth Merger

With little time to spare in the current year, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has approved the merger of AT&T and BellSouth. This clears the way for the creation of a US$5.8 billion directory publishing entity, which will cover much…

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Jupitermedia Pushes Into Recruitment

PaidContent reports that Jupitermedia has acquired online tech job Web site, signifying a possible move into online classified verticals. It's not completely clear whether this is a strategic acquisition or a financially driven one (paidContent suggests the latter), although…

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A Look at Underlying Mapping Technology

Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Land points to an interesting St. Louis Post Dispatch article about the software and development processes from the likes of Navteq that sit underneath Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, MapQuest and others. It's an interesting…

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Google: The Parlance of Our Times

Gary Price reports (via Search Engine Land) that "Google" has ranked second in Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year survey. The ranking pertains to the use of Google as a verb (i.e., to "Google" someone or something). Stephen Colbert's "truthiness" took…

Read more Adds Mobile Feature

We got this press release today from announcing it has added a "send-to-mobile" feature that enables users to text a search result to their mobile phones for future use. The press release illustrates the feature's utility with the example…

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SME Volume Ramping Up

The Small Business Administration has released its annual report on the small business economy. According to the SBA, a new high was reached in 2005 of 25.85 million small businesses in operation. More from

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Online Ad Growth in ’07

The 360 Blog breaks down some upward trends in online marketing and predicts their fate in the coming year. The takeaway: More online spending as others have predicted (see longer term forecast in The Kelsey Group's Global Yellow Pages Forecast);…

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Getting Dialed In to Mobile Search

Search Engine Watch has an interesting article today on mobile search. One of the main takeaways is that mobile search is much different from online search. This was a pervasive theme in a mobile panel at ILM:06, and in the…

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Finding Post-Holiday Local Deals

Yahoo! Tech writes about some of the ways you can sniff out local post holiday deals on electronics. There will surely be a torrent of sales in the coming week as retailers try to move excess holiday inventory  especially…

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Happy holidays to all TKG blog readers and everyone else out there. We'll be back next week with more posts, and will launch into '07 with a set of New Year's blogging resolutions. Stay tuned!

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The Verticalization of Local Search

Bill Slawski today examines how a vertical strategy can be important in local search. This was a significant theme at ILM:06, and we're beginning to see a shift toward vertical segmentation. Take a look. It's an interesting read, and I'll…

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Yell Unfettered

Yell Group will finally be allowed to set its own prices for advertising in its Yellow Pages directories starting in April 2008, according to a new ruling by the U.K. Competition Commission. For the past several years, Yell has had…

Read more A Better Meta Search Engine? is one of the scrappier and newer U.S. "meta search engines." Not yet one year old, the site considers itself a "new generation meta search engine," by virtue of its simplicity and location-aware search function. As part of its…

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