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SiliconBeat directs us to a post by Robert X. Cringely about the value and strategic potential of Google serving ads on TV (contextual targeting). At a high level, it's consistent with this report.

On a related note, I took a briefing from a company today in the TV/cable ad space that is going to make a big splash next week when they launch (with a local angle). Sorry to tease (I hate when I read cryptic statements like this on other blogs), but it was relevant and I'm eager to talk about this company.

It was a very impressive demo. More later.

Have a good weekend.


Here's a pretty comprehensive overview of the Page keynote. Lots of interesting bits in there (incl. the $100 laptop).

Here's a post-Page keynote update on the Google Video announcement from AP .

Google Video is now live (and I now believe [after playing with it] that people will ultimately pay to watch online video content)

Here's more on the "Google Pack" software download bundle—OpenOffice isn't there.

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