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As expected, the merger of R.H. Donnelley Corp. and Dex Media closed today. Dex Media is no more, and RHD is now the third-largest U.S. directory publisher, with combined revenues of roughly US$2.5 billion. You can read more about the deal here.

More detail was revealed about the newly combined company’s management structure. As we knew, Dave Swanson is CEO and George Burnett will lead the board of directors. Maggie LeBeau, who ran marketing at Dex, will be in charge of marketing in the new organization, and Dex’s IYP chief, Simon Greenman, will play the equivalent role in the new RHD. The very top of the organization will be dominated by RHD executives, including Peter McDonald, Steve Blondy and George Bednarz. Al Duy, a longtime associate of Peter McDonald, will be in charge of information technology.

One of the decisions we will watch for is whether RHD will join forces with to achieve additional scale, or if it will ride on Dex’s well-regarded IYP platform to leverage its own substantial footprint.

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  1. Got a few more details on leadership of the new organization.

    Linda Martin former chief operating officer and head of sales for Dex will become the general manager of the Dex business unit reporting to Peter McDonald. Del Humenik will be senior vice president of sales reporting to Martin.

    Mike Boyce, former head of Marketing at RHD, will lead the Sprint business unit as senior vice president and general manager reporting to McDonald.

    Bruce Disbrow will continue to lead the AT&T (formerly SBC) business unit in Illinois as vice president and general manager.

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