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Speaking of "click-to-call," here’s a Mercury News piece on Google’s "click-to-call" initiative. According to the article, the company is working with Florida-based VoIP Inc.

Click-to-call is not PPCall. There are many companies using click-to-call, which is about connecting calls between individuals and merchants. PPCall is a business model that can be built upon click-to-call. It seems, however, pretty certain that Google’s rollout of PPCall is imminent.

Once that happens, or maybe before, we'll see Yahoo! go live with PPCall and later MSN. Here's a list of average PPCall prices (from several providers) in several top YP categories:

• Florists ($2.50)
• Lawyers ($10-$30)
• Towing ($8)
• Carpet Cleaning ($8)
• Travel ($8)
• Dentists ($5)
• Mortgage ($35)
• Cosmetic Surgery ($20)
• Auto Glass ($15)

The average click price at the national level at the end of 2005 was $1.43, according to Fathom Online’s keyword price index.

Of course this also could be about Google offering calls to consumers and thus creating another revenue stream, a la Vonage or Skype. But that’s less likely in the near term.

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  1. Greg,

    We’ve been in this business for 4 years now, with operational pilot services for the past two years. We have a lot of experience in this field which we’d be happy to share, but until recently no-one was interested.

    I notice that it is primarily the organisations that were outside the traditional DP industry that have taken to this. Do you think the incumbants are now ready to take Pay-Per-Call services seriously and really market them?

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