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Here’s a fun and timely one: The Windows Live Local Super Bowl mashup. (So there’s a football pun/joke in there, but I’m going to leave it alone.)

Here’s the official MSN/WLL word on the site:

[MSN has] created a Super Bowl mashup to help the thousands of fans expected to travel to Detroit for the game navigate their way around, look for parking, hotels and directions to the stadium, as well as find good places to eat, drink, or to pass the time before Sunday's game … [P]eople can view a map of Detroit with information on local attractions, such as the Motown Museum or the Detroit Opera House. Also, we've just added Detroit to the list of major cities with birds-eye aerial imagery.

I continue to be amazed by the "bird’s-eye" imagery. Too bad it’s not real time so you can actually see how many parking spots are left in that Historic Trinity Lutheran Church parking lot.

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