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Listened to Eniro’s 2005 earnings call yesterday. A number of interesting details, which we will explore in Local Media Journal next week.

One key revelation was that print revenues in Norway are going to decline by 10 percent in 2006. Eniro just acquired Findexa, Norway’s leading publisher, and this revelation generated a lot of questions on the call about the extent of Eniro’s visibility into Findexa’s challenges when it bought the company. Eniro’s stock was down almost 13 percent yesterday. Today it is trading about 1 percent lower.

Another notable detail is that Eniro is moving to a dedicated online sales force in Sweden. One reason Eniro CEO Tomas Franzen cited was that the publisher needed to get out of the cycle of selling online advertising based on a print publishing cycle. We are going to write about evolutions in online selling practices in an upcoming Advisory from The Kelsey Report.

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