Fox Starting to Leverage MySpace as Backlash Gains Momentum

Today’s MediaPost featured an article (reg. req’d) about Fox starting to use MySpace to promote a new show, "Free Ride." It had begun to cleverly "seed" the campaign by creating character profiles on MySpace last month and now there are going to be full-blown ads. In addition, the new network being developed by Fox, "My Network TV," will be similarly promoted on MySpace.

It’s too back Fox doesn’t have a show called "backlash," because that would be a perfect promotional tie-in. Here’s a Wired piece (just the latest in a series) that documents the growing PR problems of the much celebrated youth site.

I wrote more generally about the PR problems of MySpace here.

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  1. Observer


    "Black.White." at is also being promoted via Comcast cable in the East Bay (which you may not have seen if you’re on the road, hence, get a Slingbox:-)

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