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Notable VoIP Happenings

Google's well-publicized earnings announcement yesterday overshadowed another notable piece of news about the company. The San Jose Mercury News reported that Google is working with Florida-based VoIP Inc. to possibly add voice calling to its network of offerings, which can…

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’Need Something’ Ad Campaign

My colleague Charles Laughlin posted about the "Need Something" ad campaign when it officially launched earlier this week. Here's more on the size and reach of the campaign from ClickZ. You can view the online ads here and the…

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’Point & Search’ Part II

Search Engine Journal covers the recent GeoVector/Mapion announcement about "point and search" mobile local technology in Japan. From the GeoVector announcement:With Mapion Local Search, users can now walk down the street anywhere in Japan and point at over 700,000 objects…

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Google Is Human

OK, not exactly. But yesterday's financial results showed the company was subject to the same pressures, market trends and unreasonable expectations that have confronted other Internet bellwethers such as Yahoo! and eBay. I had expected Google to beat expectations. But…

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