Slingbox To Go

The appeal of Sling Media’s Slingbox is that you can use it to tap into your home television’s broadcast feed from remote locations (great for catching a local sportscast if you are on the road). It has introduced the term "place-shifting" to join "time-shifting" in the new media lexicon.

Now it’s gotten even more, well, mobile. It used to require a broadband connection and laptop connect to the slingbox that is sitting atop your television many miles away. Now you can do the same thing from a Windows Media mobile phone or a Windows PDA.

This will further infuriate (scroll down required) broadcasters, mainstream content producers and advertisers by disrupting their distribution models. Ironically, it opens up many more opportunities for advertisers to better target viewers by pushing along the adoption curve for content consumption on mobile devices, which some research shows to be pretty steep.

Om Malik has the full scoop. More from the New York Times and the Washington Post.

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