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Google appears to have introduced — or more likely be experimenting with — a new AdSense-like format for search results, placing ads in a box above the "organic" Web results. Here’s "Hotels New York." Here’s "Health Insurance." (If you’re seeing what I’m describing, you should see four ads at the top of the page in a blue box.)

This new format would appear to maximize the exposure of the top four advertisers but eliminate ads beyond that (no more ads in the right column). It’s somewhat jarring because the ads dominate the page. The new/experimental presentation may generate more clicks but may not offer the best user experience given how far down the organic results are pushed.


Update: I can only imagine this is some sort of strange malfunction because the normal links to images, news, local, etc. are not available. Very strange.

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  1. Greg, looks like your searching via a Google AdSense affiliate there, using a search box to do so or download any waterfall screensavers lately?

  2. No, I’m at the conference hotel. It’s totally strange, I’m using the Google toolbar. It must be something about the hotel’s access.

  3. Greg,

    If you look at the URL, you will see pub-aNumberHere.

    That number is the AdSense publishers ID. It could be the hotel has an interesting deal with Google – however, its definitely part of the AdSense program.

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