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The mobile content market is heating up, and lots of announcements will come out of the CTIA Wireless conference this week. This Washington Post article provides a good overview of the mobile TV space.

MapQuest, meanwhile, launched a new application on Monday known as Navigator, which will provide cellphone access to its mapping engine and local business listings database.

From Red Herring:
Users can not only drive to their listed destinations points, they can also direct-dial the hotel, restaurant, etc., directly from the application. They can also make reservations and email or text-message the locations to friends or fellow travelers.

This has the potential to not only drive use by making it convenient for mobile users to get where they need to go, but could also eventually improve tracking by integrating pay-per-phone-call models with the application (or perhaps even e-commerce functionality in the case of making reservations or ordering movie tickets).

I'll be speaking with MapQuest GM Jim Greiner on Thursday and will provide more information then …

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