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Yahoo! has launched a new mail interface that appears to carry the title Yahoo! Mail Beta. It was advertised to me as AT&T Yahoo! Mail, as I am an AT&T broadband customer who is served by the content partnership between AT&T and Yahoo!. (This also includes a version of My Yahoo! that is optimized for broadband with video news capability and other features). It’s unclear to me at this time which Yahoo users have been offered the upgrade (in addition to me), but the Yahoo! Blog reports that the company will slowly roll out the service to all members.

The UI and functionality are sleek and it has a similar look and feel to Outlook. This is no doubt partly motivated by the improved functionality brought to Web-based mail by Gmail. An integrated chat window for Yahoo! Messenger — like Google has done with gtalk — is likely to follow. I’ll get a chance to play with it more and review it further. For now here’s a screenshot from the Yahoo! blog:


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