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Just a quick note to announce that a new ILM Advisory has been released today that examines Yahoo!’s and Microsoft’s new and enhanced SEM platforms. A summary of the Advisory can be found here and here is the official cover letter:

The latest Advisory from Interactive Local Media sums up the recent activity in the search engine marketing space.

Attempting to both gain ground on Google's leading paid search market share and capture a stake in the overall industry's new growth, Yahoo! and Microsoft each made announcements in the past two weeks about new or enhanced SEM platforms.

These platforms offer customization and usability features not seen before in any paid search products, which will raise the bar for functionality in SEM products. The feature sets are described in this Advisory, including in-depth conversations with executives of Microsoft and Yahoo!.

Also analyzed is the related trend of overall paid search growth among advertisers and the efforts of SEM players to bring more small businesses online in order to increase the potential pool of search marketers.

You may access this Advisory by logging in on The Kelsey Group's home page with your user ID and password. In the Interactive Local Media section under Research & Analysis, click on "Search Wars: Microsoft and Yahoo! Strike at Google's Leading SEM Position." The document is viewable in both HTML and PDF formats.

For more on Kelsey continuous advisory services, contact Steve Vasil.

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