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Have you registered your "dot" mobi domain name? You better get to it because they’re going fast. A company founded with the help of Microsoft, Google, Vodafone and Nokia is now registering "dot" mobi domains. Ever since the Internet became a mass-market experience, media companies have been trying to translate the online experience to the cellphone — with limited success. With the introduction of "dot" mobi, content with the "dot" mobi suffix will be designed for access and display on cellphones. All the major wireless providers are busy registering "dot" mobi domain names. Throughout the summer and fall the rest of us can register our "dot" mobi domains.

While we doubt the introduction of "dot" mobi will turn the handset into a PC experience, we would expect it to open the door for a vast improvement in the access and use of information on the cellphone. Get your fresh, hot "dot" mobi now — tomorrow might be too late.

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  1. While your scepticism is justified – in terms of whether dotMobi will shake the handset users’ experience – I think there are some real positives to dotMobi. This is not a boutique TLD like many other TLDs that were released last 5 years. This has a serious rationale behind its introduction. And when one considers that there are four times the number of mobile phones as PCs, one realises it is worth the effort to try out a TLD that can at least theoretically improve access to online content for mobiles significantly

    A site that provides more inputs on dotMobi is Mobinomy – for the dot Mobi Economy . Mobinomy has resources and links on dotMobi and intends to start a directory service soon for dotMobi sites

    The dotMobi co-ordinators have also done a commendable job of trying to prevent squatters grabbing names, by reserving over 5,000 generic names, in addition to the usual sunrise period for trademarks…

    It will be interesting to see how the dotMobi economy pans out

    Ec from The Home of Home Textiles Online

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