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We just came across this item on the Asia Corporate News that Yellow Pages Singapore is getting some positive coverage from at least one financial analyst, a reflection of the company’s ongoing turnaround efforts.

One of the leaders of the turnaround is Carol Johnson, deputy CEO of Yellow Pages Singapore. Carol will be giving a keynote address on Sept. 20 at TKG’s DDC2006 event.

No doubt Carol will shed some light on how Singapore is turning itself around, and more importantly, how that process can be instructive to publishers in other markets. She can also comment knowledgeably on how opportunities in the Asian directory market stack up against those in other regions.

Carol’s background is in the U.S. directory market, with many years running sales for US WEST Direct (later Dex, now part of R.H. Donnelley). She is among the growing list of globetrotting directory executives, taking experiences formed in one region and applying them elsewhere.

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