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CNET ran a report stating Google ads are running on a Detroit-based radio station. This is part of the strategy revolving around the dMarc acquisition last year. Other portals and ad networks have not been shy in suggesting that they will also pursue offline ad opportunities. This naturally suggests, given the acquisitive nature of portals, that Spot Runner, Bid4Spots and others will become acquisition targets sooner or later.

Bid4Spots has about 2,200 stations in its network, and it is adding about 30 new ones each week. Spot Runner has been very successful landing partnerships with Cendant (Century 21 and Coldwell Banker) and others.

Generally, online to offline is an interesting trend that we've been following. Insider Pages has its print directory with tracking telephone numbers. Representatives tell TKG they are pleased with the metrics and will drop a second print guide in the Palo Alta area in the next 30 days. LiveDeal and AdStar also have a partnership to push classified content from the Web to print.

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