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Canada’s Yellow Pages Group has launched its second hybrid vertical product — a mixture of magazine editorial content and Yellow Pages headings — this one for the family-care vertical. Here is a link to YPG’s press release announcing the new product. YPG’s partner in this venture, and an earlier effort in the home improvement category, is Transcontinental Media.

The product targets those in the "sandwich generation" who have dual responsibility for caring for children and aging parents. The target demographic is women in their 40s, which happens to be the core audience for Canadian Living magazine, a Transcontinental property.

TKG previewed YPG’s plans for this vertical in the July 13 edition of Local Media Journal. In that write-up, this is what YPG’s Ezana Raswork told us:

"There is a broad set of services that these people are looking for and … they need to do it remotely because some of them don't live with their parents, for example, and this just adds a degree of complexity. I've never seen a group of folks that had such a desperate need for a source to help them navigate all of this."

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