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The Australian directory publisher Sensis is continuing its efforts to build online destinations for key verticals. Sensis recently unveiled a beta version of, a site that allows comparative shopping of new cars sold in Australia, according to this report in The Australian newspaper.

Sensis has pursued other verticals, some via its Trading Post acquisitions, including real estate (Just Listed), jobs (LinkMe), accommodations (GoStay) and mapping (WhereIs).

Given its existing lineup, adding a car shopping site seemed inevitable.

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  1. I like the idea of Sharing topics about new cars ideas, dreams and opinions but it could be more better if they add such discussion via blog rather than forum.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Since it is in beta, and the folks at Sensis read this blog (at least I think they do), perhaps they’ll consider your suggestion.

  3. Sensis, Australian Directory is providing best outcome of what users searches. Sharing about cars, car sales, car dealers, car offfers and more.

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