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Following up on Seeking Alpha’s list of top tech events of ’06 (included in our top 10 list roundup earlier in the week), Ashkan Karbasfrooshan lists his picks for the top trends that will shape online media in ’07. On the list, not surprisingly, is online video.

Interestingly, RSS is also listed as gaining more traction next year. I agree that RSS’ time for mainstream adoption is due, but as we’ve pointed out in the past branding is an issue. To pass the “grandmother test,” a product shouldn’t carry a name that will get lost in the alphabet soup of tech acronyms that confuse mainstream audiences (SEO, SEM, SERPs, SME, MP3, BYOB, etc.).

This is why the greatest adoption of RSS so far has come from My Yahoo!, which has marketed the benefits of RSS without ever using the term RSS.

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