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Getting down to the final wire…. we think the Local ’07 program in Santa Clara next Tuesday and Wednesday is looking really good.

Piper Jaffray's Safa Rashtchy is the latest big add. Safa will be talking about PJ's new report, The User Revolution, and we think he complements VSS' Nick Veronis, who is talking about local online from the investment banking POV.

In our view, ALL the panels are really strong. But for fireworks, I especially like the Heavy Hitter panel, where top decision makers in every local sphere discuss what's real, what's important and what's hype. We've got Jacob Aqrauo, who runs classifieds for eBay, Gordon Henry from Yellow Book, Chris Jennewein from The San Diego Union Tribune, Chris LaSala from Google and Michael Mathieu from Freedom Interactive.

Other major adds, if you haven't checked recently, include Sanjeev Agrawal, Tellme, who we'll probably quiz about the new acquisition by Microsoft; Brad Inman from TurnHere; Frazier Miller from Yahoo! Local; John Geraci,; and Lockhart Steele, Curbed.

Altogether, we have 52 handpicked speakers, including some really great keynotes (Steven Aldrich, Intuit; Nick Grouf, Spot Runner; Peter Horan, IAC; Ralph Kunz, Nokia Multimedia; and Hilary Schneider, Yahoo!). And we have no stuffed shirts. We’ll also be going deep on Kelsey's brand-new forecast on Local Search 2006-2011. Check out the full list of speakers. And hope to see you there!

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