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In the daily news gathering of the wide-reaching local media world, social bookmarking services, like MyWeb, have become my best friend. There is a lot of potential for social bookmarking providers — if nothing else to grow stickiness among a set of products within a network, such as Yahoo!’s positioning of MyWeb and

Other popular tools that take a different spin on the idea include Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon (in case you were wondering what the heck those little critters that sit at the bottom of each of our blog posts are).

Here is a nice clip by Common Craft that outlines the benefits of social bookmarking. It focuses heavily on, but nonetheless explains social bookmarking generally, as it can be found on other services (many listed here). It’s a good introduction to the medium if you aren’t familiar, though many readers of this blog surely are.


Not Related: Completely off topic, and a quick hit of online entertainment for a Friday afternoon to bring out your inner science geek: This really cool video (don’t mind the cliche music) was found in the recommended clips to the right of the video linked above. I enjoyed it and wanted to share (in the spirit of social bookmarking — there, it does relate).

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