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GOOG-411 billboard sightings are getting to be as common as iPhone sightings (see recent TKG Client Inquiry Brief, Google Starts Advertising 800-GOOG-411). The most recent was found by Danny Sullivan on Lombard Street in San Francisco.

But beyond being just another sighting, this one hovers right above an “algorithm” billboard, causing a veritable smack down of recently hyped outdoor ad campaigns.

This one also hits home for me because it’s a few blocks from where I live and is also right outside the apartment window of some good friends of mine. Actually they just moved out, but it wasn’t from the green glow of the Ask sign, beaming through the apartment like Seinfeld‘s Kenny Rodgers Chicken sign.


Related: Elsewhere in GOOG-411 advertising, here is a viral video that the development team shot to promote the service.

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