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Here is a recap of posts from the last week in case you missed any. Click below to read each post in full.

Eniro to Be an Online First Business in 2008
The Nordic directory publisher Eniro announced somewhat disappointing results for the first quarter, with weaker than expected print results not fully offset by online revenues. Eniro President and CEO Tomas Franzén noted that the first quarter is seasonally weak for its online business. In 2007, Eniro generated 54 percent of its revenues from online. This year, Franzén says the business will generate a majority of its revenues from non-print sources. (read more…)

Local Matters Lightens Up
Local Matters announced it will launch a new local search platform called Destination Search LE (Lite Edition). This essentially brings the concept behind its flagship Local Search platform to smaller players. It will be a hosted and SEO-friendly platform that takes some of the guesswork out of the equation for startups in the local search space (or anyone looking to boost their existing functionality). (read more…)

Day to Give Up CEO Post, Assume Truvo Chair
Truvo announced today that CEO Andrew Day will step down June 1 and assume the role of chairman, allowing current Truvo Belgium Managing Director Donat Retif to take over as CEO. Retif has been with Truvo since 2005. He previously served as vice president of sales for Idearc, working in both the United States and Canada. Before that, he worked briefly in the VNU Promedia operation, which later became Truvo Belgium. (read more…)

AdReady Focuses on SMBs; 9,000 Take Premade Creative
Search has its limitations for local businesses. In fact, many would just as soon place media rich display ads, but for the expense and creative challenge of developing the ads. That’s the hurdle being addressed by AdReady, a venture-backed Seattle company that has created hundreds of ready-made ads that can be selected on a self-serve basis. (read more…)

KP-Backed SpotMixer Enters Fray for SMB Video
The market to produce, distribute and/or enhance small-business videos has intensified in recent months, as TurnHere, Denver MultiMedia, DMC, Spot Runner, Mixpo, BuzzSpot, EZ Show, Spotzer and others have competed (often via third-party Yellow Pages and city guides) to land accounts. Now comes Redwood City, California-based SpotMixer, which has raised $8 million from Kleiner Perkins and others. (read more…)

Closer Look at Topix (Plus, New Partnerships)
Late last year, Topix redefined itself as an aggregator of ZIP code level news and community forums. As recently argued from the ups and downs in hyperlocal sites, the right formula has to be found and sometimes it’s out of your hands as a function of the direction users take it. Topix has mostly found the right formula in its new model, as evidenced by a 2x year-over-year increase in page views in March. (read more…)

Yahoo! Local Lets Users Draw Circles
Yahoo! Local just integrated a drawing tool that lets users specify a radius within which to filter results. AskCity has a similar drawing tool (with additional shapes), and Urban Mapping has a platform that does this. On the advertiser side, AdWords and a few other SEM platforms allow marketers to specify where to serve their ads (by IP address). (read more…)

Local Distribution Deals Keep Rolling: Marchex Taps New Vertical Partners
There seems to be no shortage of announcements from local players that wish to increase incoming content and distribution. In the past few months we’ve seen Citysearch feed content and ads to, AOL and Marchex; Idearc do the same with Marchex and; and Yelp feed 2 million reviews to (to name a few). (read more…)

Placecast: A New Kind of Geotargeting
The whirlwind that is AdTech San Francisco has come and gone and as the dust settles and my notes are organized, a few companies stick out with new ideas. Of the thousands of companies at the show, only a handful were explicitly in the local space, including Where2GetIt, ZVents,, NearbyNow and Ripple (see
post last week). (read more…)

Stubbs Departs
Charles Stubbs has left his position as president of (a unit of AT&T) to become CEO of Atlanta-based Primedia, which publishes a variety of print and online vertical consumer guides, including Apartment Guide and New Home Guide,, and (read more…)

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