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Google and Office Depot announced a partnership where Office Depot will offer advice and teach small businesses how to use Google AdWords. Any small business that registers and makes an AdWords purchase on the Office Depot site will receive a $50 advertising bonus. Office Depot will also likely receive a portion of all sales made through its Web site. The partnership also promotes Google Apps and Maps as additional tools small businesses can use.

This is an interesting partnership for Google, which has been innovative in its approach to attracting small-business owners. Tapping into a retailer that has a close relationship with small-business owners is a new move for Google and if successful could become part of a wider strategy.  

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  1. For 20 years I have encouraged YP publishers to consider retail outlets like Office Depot as an alternative channel to reach non-advertisers and even provide advertisers with services and selling opportunties. That Google is taking this step suggests they have done research that SMB might well like the Office Depot approach for learning how to buy adwords.

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