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The latest nugget of data from Palore examines the average number of restaurants by state that have reviews written about them. Looks like Massachusetts takes the cake (sorry, bad pun).

This is somewhat binary as it looks at restaurants that have at least one review. If a restaurant has one review or 100, it is counted as having reviews (the only alternative being no reviews). So there are lots of possible drill downs such as what states or sites lead in average volume of reviews per restaurant.

Such is the nature of Palore’s strategy to whet the market’s appetite for the decidedly more granular “custom jobs.” In the meantime its freebies have been interesting. More data and background on Palore in our past coverage.

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  1. Grat research and thanks for sharing. It would be great to see an update on these statistics every year, to see how reviews are really changing the dynamics of local search. I bet the numbers have increased significantly with the addition of Google Places showing off the reviews on the first page results.

  2. well worth the read. I found it very informative as I have been researching a lot lately on practical matters such as you talk about…

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