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Scripps Network Digital’s new real estate site,, has developed an impressive list of ways real estate pros can use video. Presenting at Inman‘s Real Estate Connect conference last week in San Francisco, VP Kelly Rourke said video is critical for real estate.

“People are used to experiencing 360-degree information,” noted Rourke. Of course, we think this list is applicable for a lot more than real estate. Here’s the list:

  1. Do-It-Yourself Video. “Use Flip camcorder or other low-cost device.”
  2. Mobile Videos. “Mobile phones enable viral, on-the-fly video.”
  3. Two-Way Video Calls. “IPhone opens the door to do portable video conferencing.”
  4. Video Yellow Page Ads. “Information search is going video.”
  5. Video Business Cards. “Take a step beyond headshots. Bring your personality and market expertise to life.”
  6. Video-Linked Real Estate Blogs. “Look at, city blogs.”
  7. ‘How to’ Videos. “Presale: attract customers with tips on home sales. Postsale: Keep customers by providing helping home maintenance tips, recipes and more.”
  8. Video Listings Presentations. “Create a convincing visual presentation of your services online.”
  9. Vendor Video Profiles. “Have your mortgage, staging and title vendors create video profiles to include in listings presentations.”
  10. Customer Testimonials on Video. “Make your customer testimonials more real to home buyers.”
  11. Staging Visualizations on Video. “Visualize presale staging suggestions for sellers to close the deal.”
  12. Video Fliers of Your Listings. “Produce your own video fliers for listings at any price range, not just the high end.”
  13. Videos of Your Rental Properties. “Capture on film the unique aspects of your rental property for easy listing.”
  14. Neighborhood Video Profiles. “Show the neighbors, show the history, show the lifestyle.”
  15. Condo/Apartment Video Snapshots. “Capture the unique personality of a building.”
  16. Vacation Home Tours on Video. “Help vacation home buyers make informed decisions with video tour of opportunities.”
  17. Video Walk-Throughs of Homes. “Present video summaries of new properties on the market for buyers. Broadcast home videos on video sharing sites.”
  18. Open House Video Recap. “When your client can’t attend an open house, videotape it for them.”
  19. Home Inspection Video. “Videotape home inspections for the record or to highlight suggested improvements.”
  20. Home Decoration Video. “Provide decoration tips by video to help buyers visualize a listing.”
  21. Training Video. “Incorporate demonstrative videos into agent and new employee training.”
  22. Video Features on Local TV. “Get involved in local video.”
  23. YouTube Rebranded Video Channel. “Create your own branded channel with YouTube’s 210 million users.”
  24. Video Distribution — Everywhere! “Participate with video where consumers are interacting … office lobbies, local restaurants, cars and cabs, gyms, dance clubs, highway billboards, coffee shops, doctors offices, airports, grocery stores, etc.”
  25. Video Distribution — Everywhere! Part II. “Even the bathroom.”

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