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Here are the highlights from the TKG blog last week, in case you missed any posts. Click below to read each post in full.

Mixpo Expands Channel Partners 

Local video production provider Mixpo today emboldened its pipeline into the elusive small-business marketplace by announcing four new channel partners. These include a number of traditional media channels that have online local search destinations, such as PegasusNews, SiliconValleyOnline and KGO Radio (full list here). (read more…)

YPG-NZ Acquires Boomer Site

Yellow Pages Group New Zealand has acquired a majority stake in,  a Web site targeting the over 50s crowd, as reported on Voted as New Zealand’s best lifestyle Web site in 2008, this acquisition may well prove to be a smart move for YPG-NZ. (read more…)

LiveDeal Reboots: Reports 70,000 Advertisers, Extends SMB Features 

LiveDeal, which has been aggressively pushing a joint classified and directory platform since its merger with last year, is moving in new directions with the arrival of new president and CEO Mike Edelhart. He replaced former head Dan Coury at the end of May. (read more…)

Stalk Fake Movie Stars With Location-Based Services

Today’s award for off-the-wall feature to get people to use an online service goes to Whrrl. The local social service is similar to the more popular Loopt in that it lets users keep track of where their friends are and what they’re doing locally (both online and on mobile devices). (read more…)

Gannett Buys Controlling Interest in CareerBuilder

While other media companies stave off bill collectors and even bankruptcy, Gannett is taking advantage of its cash reserves to buy larger shares of the local ecosystem. The newspaper and broadcast company, which purchased remaining shares in ShopLocal from Tribune a couple of months ago, has now bought a controlling interest in CareerBuilder. (read more…)

Google Brings a Taste of Online to Traditional Media, Part II

The New York Times writes today about Google’s efforts to court ad agencies as a source of new business. Not surprisingly, these efforts are being met with a fair amount of skepticism from agencies that have seen Google as a means of disintermediation for some time. (read more…)

Stubbs at Primedia: Updating a ‘Shopper’ Company

It has been more than 90 days since former President Charles Stubbs took the helm at Primedia, the publisher of apartmentguide,, and DistribuTech. We’ve followed Stubbs for a long time, and have naturally been curious about his game plan. (read more…)

Report: The iPhone Carries its Weight in Web Use

A new report from Net Applications shows iPhone usage to represent 0.40 percent of Web hits, down from a high of 0.48 percent last week. This is up from 0.19 percent in July when the 3G iPhone was first released. This may not seem like a lot, but consider that this percentage measures Web hits coming from all Internet connected devices — not just mobile. (read more…)

Google Enters the Browser Game

The official Google Blog has announced that the company will launch a new open source browser today called “Chrome.” On a basic level, this is a logical move for Google, given that it could provide a more direct front door to its array of online services. (read more…)

Yellow Pages — Where Boomer Money Is Spent

While investors and Yellow Pages pundits continue to bang the drum telling everyone that the “younger generation” isn’t using print Yellow Pages to the degree it should, and that without this younger demographic of users the book can’t deliver value to small and medium-sized businesses, they may in fact be ignoring the book’s greatest strength. (read more…)

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