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Following the BIA webinar last month on the technological and competitive dynamics of mobile TV, we’re already seeing television reach the iPhone. U.K.-based streaming television provider Livestation will preview an iPhone app tomorrow that will show live television on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Technically, this isn’t pure mobile TV because it will only work on devices that are tethered to Wi-Fi networks. But it’s still pretty cool. The company is technologically able to stream the content over 3G networks, says CEO Matteo Berlucchi, but would rather avoid the broadcaster firestorm that this would incite (we’ll see this eventually).

The application could be ad supported eventually, says Berlucchi, but “we’re in early days.” There is also no official word on the device’s public launch in the app store — this will be a function of the approval process time line. Still, an interesting glimpse. Watch the video demo here.

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