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The impact of mobile access on media is still being sorted out, but some preliminary data suggests it extends consumer research to the weekends and at night — and that news is a real driver. The first data we saw came from The latest data come from Verve Wireless, a provider of mobile publishing, ad and couponing solutions that serves more than 1 million mobile page views a day.

Verve says its users are accessing news slightly more during the weekend than on any given day of the week. They also access news throughout the day beginning at 7 a.m. and growing steadily until 10 p.m.

“Each day people look to any one of the tens of thousands of local media organizations for news, updates and guidance in local affairs,” said Verve CEO Art Howe, in a press release. “For these local publishers the mobile medium offers an insurmountable opportunity for brand expansion coupled with a new lucrative advertising revenue stream.”

National brand advertisers can leverage Verve’s ad platform to target mobile consumers from regional down to a hyperlocal neighborhood level. The service can also be used to send out mobile coupons based on time of day, neighborhood radius, user’s present location, and context, among others.

Verve’s major partners include major local media companies such as McClatchy, Media General, Freedom and Media Span. This week, the company also added the Chicago Sun-Times, The San Diego Union-Tribune, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Time Out New York, Time Out Chicago and Metro International.

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