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We’ve just announced the lineup for our Marketplaces 2009 conference, which is March 16-18 at the historic (and excellent) Century Plaza in L.A. We hope you find it as compelling as we do. It is probably a “must attend” event by any standards.

Last year in Seattle, we had 500 attendees, and it was pretty great. This time, with a full year of our Marketplaces research program under our belts, we’ve added a lot of twists and turns, and some exciting formats, including keynotes, in-depth “duo” discussions,  focused panels, a Leads Summit, a Mobile Verticals SuperForum and a “Parade of Verticals.”

Every speaker has been handpicked by us — “no empty suits,” OK? And then there is the great networking that is the hallmark of all our shows.

Try this out for size (in alpha):

Keynoters: Jay Berman, MySpace; Jay Herratti, Citysearch; Chris LaSala, Google; and Chris Spanos, AOL

In-Depth Duos: Dan McCarthy, NCI, with Chip Perry, AutoTrader; Rob Curley with Chris Jennewein, Greenspun Media; Matthew Berk, Marchex, with Larry Fitzgibbon, Demand Media

Leads Summit: Kevin Laws,; Tom Mohr, ResponseLogix; and Anna Zornosa, Dealix (Cobalt)

Parade of Verticals: Dan Hobin, G5 Search Marketing; Mike Rutz, Angie’s List; John Triplett, A.H. Belo; and Tony Wills,

The Mobile Verticals SuperForum: Walt Doyle,; Tom Kenney, Verve Wireless; and Dinesh Moorjani, IAC (with more to be announced).

Great Featured Speakers: Peter Adams, Matchpoint; Frank Bell, IT Strategists; Craig Donato, Oodle; Emad Fanous, YellowBot; Adam Leff, BogoPod; Michael Oschmann, 123people; Rob Paterson, Friday Holdings; and Andrei Uglar, Media

Here’s the URL to sign up. There are special rates through the 18th (i.e., this Saturday).

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