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kelsey_icon_rgb.jpg Here is a recap of posts from last week, in case you missed any. Click below to read each post in full.

Yell CEO Sees Faintest Glimmer at End of Tunnel

Last week, Yell Group issued its nine-month earnings report (the company’s financial year ends March 31) and most of the news was sobering. Organic growth is expected to be in the negative double digits in its fourth quarter, and small-business advertisers are paralyzed by uncertainty over how long the downturn will last and how bad it will get. Still, company leaders say first-quarter canvasses so far suggest a leveling off in the rate of print declines. (read more…)

Read: TKG Article on Huffpost (It’s About Beer)

We’re now contributing to The Huffington Post, starting with an article today on how the economy is affecting SMBs. It’s truly a survival of the fittest scenario in the restaurant vertical. (read more…)

iPhone Shows Strong Ad Performance (Big Surprise)

Market Research agency GFK just released a report confirming lots of claims that user engagement is higher on the mobile device than on the PC. This is especially true on the iPhone, where this report focused. (read more…)

The Rallying Cry at Online Marketing Summit

At ClickZ‘s Online Marketing Summit in San Diego today, organizer Aaron Kahlow provided some thoughtful perspective on what’s happening with marketing. Right now, marketers are at the changing intersection of human behavior, economic conditions and the media landscape, said Kahlow. (read more…)

Angie Hicks at Online Marketing Summit: ‘We’re Direct Marketers’

Angie Hicks, the cofounder and namesake of Angie’s List, said she thinks of her company as a direct marketing machine. Speaking at ClickZ’s Online Marketing Summit in San Diego this morning, Hicks noted: “We’re direct marketers at heart. If it doesn’t perform, it’s out. We’re constantly measuring effectiveness and overall lift.” (read more…)

Mobile Campaigns Miss Extra Point at Super Bowl

I’m a few days late to this, but there has been a lot of conversation this week on not only Super Bowl ads but also the integration of mobile campaigns. Frankly, there weren’t nearly as many mobile calls to action as I expected. When they did show up, they were usually SMS short codes that flashed quickly at the end bumper of some ads. (read more…)

Two Apartment Sites Tie Up for Broader Reach

The old maxim says that when new cars are down, used cars are up. And when house sales are down, apartments are up. We’ve heard from some publishers that they are seeing more apartment advertising. But prices have been hurt by “shadow rentals” for houses and condos that don’t move, and boomerang kids moving in with their parents instead of getting their own place. (read more…)

Google Gets Into Mobile Social Game, Launches Latitude

Google today announced the launch of its mobile social networking tool Latitude. This will be a component of Google Maps for Mobile and will work within native mapping applications of BlackBerrys, Symbian and Windows Mobile based devices (iPhone coming soon). (read more…)

Jivox Extends Access to Online Video Advertisers

Online video ad network Jivox today extended its ability to reach advertisers by launching an affiliate publisher program. This will give Web publishers a white-labeled version of its platform to offer their advertisers, including video ad creation and distribution. According to the company this will come in three flavors. (read more…)

Mobile Shopping Search: From Fashion Magazines to Foot Traffic

NearbyNow helps mall retailers attract ready-to-buy shoppers by providing inventory information online and on mobile devices. It powers the Web sites of mall partners such as Westfield shopping centers and also has an SMS service that shoppers use on site to find in-stock items around the mall. (read more…)

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