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One area that is thought to be doing comparatively well in the poor economy is coupons, both in print and online. Valpak, the blue envelope coupon company put on the market by Cox Enterprises last August, reinforced that mind-set today via opportunistic full-page ads in 10 major newspapers. In coming weeks, banner ads and radio spots will complement the effort.

The campaign is aimed at markets where Valpak has franchisees, and continues a shift in the company’s outreach toward small businesses, rather than its traditional focus on consumers. It noticeably focuses more on “the envelope” than the company’s online efforts, although both are presented as a package.

“It doesn’t take an act of Congress or a trillion bucks to stimulate consumer spending,” notes the copy. “You can reinvigorate the economy today by putting a money-saving offer into the hands of targeted consumers.

“With the shift to thrift, even upscale consumers are looking for savings on products and services they need to buy. And they’re looking at Valpak right now. If you want to stimulate sales for your business, it’s time to give people a reason to try, a reason to buy. It’s time for Valpak.”

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