Craigslist: Garage Sale Listings Up 80%

We’re always looking for what’s up and down in the economy. One likely contender:  garage sales.

According to coverage in the L.A. Times, garage sale postings on Craigslist are up 80 percent nationwide (and 50 percent in the L.A. area).

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  1. AmberWiggins

    I have a GREAT tip…, is a fantastic website for finding yard sales in your area. It will list all the websites in your area, list featured items and map a route to each of them. Saving us time and money! It doesn’t get better than that. Check it out

  2. Leather Living Room Furniture

    We have moved a lot over the years and have held a number of sales through garage sale, I’ve found that a lot of people do come looking for furniture in craiglist.

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