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Steve Espinosa’s budding Local Search News site has begun to produce podcasts. We’re the guest on the second episode — a discussion about mobile search and mobile technology in general. The podcast builds off our guest column on his site and can be listened to here.

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  1. well what about proximity marketing providers… i’d love to hear input about whats available. I’m looking to test out an idea of mine for a local entertainment promotions company in NYC, what’s the best provider? what’s the difference between them? (i’ve been looking into Qwikker bluetooth marketing, Blue Blitz and other, but find zero reviews for them.

  2. Good Question Dave. Proximity marketing isn’t something we’ve dug too deep on yet, but an interesting area. I believe wi-fi has proven it’s advantages over bluetooth as an underlying delivery mechanism for PM. And it’s ubiquity has proven out in densely populated areas. Take a look at JiWire. I’ll look at the providers you referenced.

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